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In 2004, the Government of Sierra Leone enacted an Investment Promotion Act No. 10 of 2004. The overriding objectives of the above mentioned instrument are:

  1. To facilitate and promote investment incentives to potential investors through the establishment of an institution that is tasked with the responsibility of facilitating the registration of business enterprises, business development and training, access to finance, and advocacy, among others;
  2. To promote fair treatment and protection of foreign investments in terms of guarantees against expropriation, guarantees for free transfer of funds and facilitating the amicable settlement of disputes

The administration of the Investment Promotion Act 2004 was initially assigned to the Sierra Leone Export Development and Investment Corporation (SLEDIC). In 2007, this function was assigned to the Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SLIEPA), following the enactment of the Investment and Export Promotion Act of 2007. The principal functions of the said Agency are as follows:

  • To promote investment opportunities in Sierra Leone and provide information to potential investors on matters relating to investments;
  • To facilitate registration of business enterprises and assist investors in obtaining permits, licenses, certificates or clearances needed for the commencement of business (that is, acting as a “one-stop” centre)
  • To assist potential investors in identifying joint venture partners in Sierra Leone. To develop relationship between public and private sector for the growth of investment

SLIEPA Head office is located at:

OAU Drive

Tower Hill


Sierra Leone